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Creator of a NZ quality product. A3 colouring images. Now in 4 volumes .taking this to a International market is the endeavour.For all ages engaging fun.

Message from the Artist
Hi please help me to create a market offshore for my A3 20 page original design, unique Colouring Books. My free expression books are NZ made, manufactured by myself in small runs for many Kiwis, and tourists, over the last 20 years.

The intention is to mail 4 hard copies of the Volumes 1-4, some prints of my colour work and an introductory letter to companies that either publish or sell this type of product. 
I will be approaching publisher Panopus press, retailer the likes of Walmart and Harrods of London among others.
The 4 volumes are print ready on disc. I have enough images to produce 2 more volumes and will create a continuim of colouring books annually.  Read More >>

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The Volumes,1 to 4
Here's some tatty old colour works from a tube of art. I would sit in my shop and do these in front of customers.
Here's a load of other colouring pages for rewards, on my pledge me project. $25 pledge gets10 single sheets $50 pledge gets signed book.1.2.3or4, $150 pledge gets all 4 volumes.
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